Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:25 am

The darkness that enveloped her on the streets of Bruma began to lift. She blinked a few times and rubbed her aching head. It was nicer out than she remembered...It was really nice out... Arla looks around.

She wasn't being tossed around like a rag doll onto the back of a horse in Bruma. She was sitting beneath a tree her mother had planted before she had even given birth to her oldest brother. The small field of corn was fenced off from the potatoes and the cotton. A small barn and an even smaller house behind the fields. The sun at its apex and a nice breeze flowing through her hair, she stood up.

Her home had never been anything special to anyone outside her family. To them it was simply a small farmhouse. Wood planks over dirt on the bottom floor and two rooms above that. Her brothers could actually touch the ceiling on both floors. Her oldest one could jump and hit his head. She laughed at the memory and started down the path between the fields. Tracing the fence, she skipped the spot where as a child she was skewered and got an infection from a stupid splinter. The rest of the fence was smooth, polished by age.

As she got closer she could hear her family bustling about around the house. Mom and Dad distributing orders to her family, Arla instantly searching for her best friend, her twin, her sister. The only refugee in a house dominated by boys, Arla and Lara had each other to escape for a little bit.

Spotting her mirror image pulling clothing off a line, Arla ran up to her sister and hugged her, laughing at Lara's surprise.


"Arla!? When did you get back?"

Arla let go of her sibling and shrugged. "Just now I guess"

Lara looked confused but it slipped into a bemused expression. Having her back instantly made the horrible nightmarish Bruma event vanish for Arla and whatever had happened must have been just a bad dream.

"Let's go, I want to see everyone else too!"

Pulling her sister along, Arla headed into her home, happy for the first time in weeks.
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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:14 am

Dinner in the Neerus house hold an event worthy of song! Her father had a well stocked larder but kept that supplied for winters. On special occasions, he would take one of the children out with him a hunt down a deer.

While waiting for her turn at the deer, she thought back to her first time with him.

"Keep downwind from them Arla. Their noses can pick us up miles away"

His face was blurred by the sun and the beams looked like antlers on his head. She surpassed a laugh before concentrating on the hunt.

The spear felt oddly right in her hands. One of three her family had passed down for generations. Her Father draws the bow across his broad chest and lets an arrow fly. The Antlers vanish as the deer sprints off, arrow embedded in its flank.

"Now go get it Arla..."

Her bother told her about this part. She just had to follow the blood and the smell.

Something clicked in her and she couldn't look away from the blood. It was so easy to follow! The deer barely kept ahead of her. Branches snapped as the animal ran clumsily and dazed. Arla noticed the blood starting to pool, Errol said that would happen... She slipped around to the flank of the deer. It was falling over, the pitiful thing tugged at her heart, mixing with the excitement of the chase.

"End it Arla..." Her dad stood next to her. She gripped the spear and ran up to the deer. It's eyes went wide as it spotted her. Then they blinked and lost all focus.

Arla pulled the spear from its heart, the last of the blood spurting out.

"Good girl" Her dad ruffled her hair and repeated statement.

Good girl...good girl..."Girl!? Move it along Arla!" Her brother pushes her out of her day dream, a chunk of venison on her plate.

"Sorry! Sorry!" She laughs and takes her place with her siblings, everyone waiting for Dad to take the first bite.
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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:31 pm

The Neerus family was roaring with laughter around the family table. Marius was tearing up, Arla and Lara taking turns calming down then making each other laugh again, Brutus actually managed to get his wine out his nose, Errol fell over and Talius was having trouble breathing he was laughing so hard.

Jokes, tales of hysterical antics, and several horrible puns caused the small farmhouse to continually erupt in laughter, Arla in the thick of it. Eyes watering, she suddenly blinked hard, The sharp smell of horses, a constant rhythmic bucking, Hissing beast language. She heard her name being called and shot back into her home.

"Arla" Lara held Arla "Are you alright? You just passed out."

She held her head, feeling it throb. "Yes...think I'm just still hungry or something. Pass the venison"

Brutus smirked, pushing the remnants of the deer towards her, Arla's mother and father looking worried. She noticed the looks, waving them off. "I'm fine. You two always worry so much" She bit into the meat, incisors tearing it apart.

"I care about all my hounds Arla" A bare chested man sitting where her father just was said.

She coughed and did a double take. "What?!"

"I said I care about all my children Arla. And right now you are making me worry more than I usually do."

"It's nothing." Lara put a hand on her sister, "Arla just had a long trip."

"'cause she couldn't make it in Skyrim" Errol added "Or along the border too~" Talius piled on.

"Quiet you two. Lest you be sent to bed early." Mother spoke up, defending her adventurous daughter. "And I assume you lot will be sleeping down here by the fire tonight?" She pointed at the sisters.

They nodded, watching the last of the suns rays vanish as darkness swept across Chorrol.

Talius and Errol began clearing the table, Brutus starting the dishes. He peeked out under the window, looking skyward.

"Full moon tonight"

In the middle of joke with Lara, Arla froze at the punchline.

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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:13 pm

She paced nervously around the Nerrus farmhouse. Lara tended the fire, rolling her eyes. Arla's eyes. Their eyes? It was always a comfort knowing she had a twin out there. Someone that could honestly say they knew what she felt.

Lara looked at her pacing sister and let out a long sigh. "Arla...why are you acting so strange." The Imperial stopped and looked out the window, no sign of the moon yet. "Because," she pulled herself from the window "I...I don't like nights like this"

Lara frowned. "Really? You used to love the full moon. Remember when we had the festivals? We ran around all night under the Bloodmoo-"

"Shut up! Don't say that"

"What?" She pushed a log into the pit. "Bloodmoon?" A grin on her face, mirroring Arla's usual smile.

Arla froze up "Yes! That!"

Lara laughed, moving in closer. "Did you become a chicken on your travels? Too afraid to hunt with dad now? Brutus jumping out of the well and scaring you again?" She leaned in, teasing.

"No! Shut up Lara, it isn't like that. I'm not scared at all."

"No.. you are just nervous. And I wanna know why. Did you see something when you were gone?"


Lara crossed her arms, pulling a blanket over her shoulders and sitting down next to Arla. Darkness pouring in the window. She pulled the blanket over her head, imitating an old woman.

"Was it a witch?" She cackled, covering her face and trying to imitate a hagraven.


"Was it a Bandit Cat person who wanted to ravish you and make of with your gold and your innocence?" She imitated the harsh voice of a Kahjit, making a pawing motion


"Or maybe it was Necromancers! Did zombies chase you through the fog?" Zombie moans and creepy Necromancer impressions.

Arla sighed "Noooo"

"Oh? Getting somewhere I think." She paused "Did you get hunted?"


That same evil grin...sort of...her canines more pronounced.

"Yes you did. Was it bear?" Lara stalked closer, cheek bones lengthening


"Was it a Sky runner?" Her eyes turned yellow, pupils dark bestial slits.

"...no...lara stop..."

"Was it a wolf?"

Lara's mouth opened wide, her face warped into a lycanthrope, Arla felt claws ripping into her, jaws clamping shut over her neck

"y...yes..." She whispered as blood leaked down her weresisters face.

"Nine! Are you alright?!"

Arla blinked, staring at her sister sitting a few feet from her.

"Wha..what? From the wolf? "

Sweat dripped down the back of her neck, she felt it pooling on the hairs that stood on end.


"Yes, I'm fine Lara"

Arla looked out the window, the moon not yet risen.
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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:29 pm

She wasn't sure when she fell asleep. Arla and Lara leaning on one another as the fire crackled through the night.

Her dreams were plagued with that same stupid smell of horses, sickeningly sweet Argonian blood, and the clip clop of a horse through the woods.

The dreams were interrupted by the first rays of the sun beating down on the sleeping pair. The smell of fried eggs and sausage washing through the room. Arla sniffled and blinked, Lara matching her actions perfectly. She hears her mom laugh at the pair.

"Just like when you were babes. I've got a late breakfast for you two, your Father and brothers are already working. Eat up and get out there." Two plates placed on the table.

And just like that, her worries vanished. It was just the stupid Nords up north scaring her. Beaming she pulled Lara up and over to her seat, having a quaint breakfast with her and their mother. Running upstairs to change, Lara and her mom called to her to hurry up. The click of the door and she was alone inside.

Relieved, Arla looked over her home, at the love and detail inside the farmhouse. She smiled at the beautiful day outside and sprinted out to meet her family.

She shut the door behind her and stood in the middle of her estate, the moon blood red above her. The Farmhouse seemed to slink away as she began to shiver violently. Darkness all around her.
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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:57 pm

Arla stood still.

"I'm going to die."

She sat down

"I am not going to move"

She covered her eyes

"I'm not playing"

"Then they will all die pup"



"They shall die because you do not hunt"


Her eyes changed, she could feel them shift, her bones changing as he bestowed his gifts. Her family. Chased by Elves. Her sister holding their Talos idol close.

"No...I gotta help them!" She stood up, trying to keep up with the hunt on her innocent family. With each step the Hunt went further away from her. Her heart pounded, her lungs burned as she tried to keep up.

"No...no no no nooo"

"Then chase your prey faster Hound. Begin the Drag"

Arla fell to her hands and legs, fingers warping painlessly into claws. The better to hunt with. Her nose longer, the better to smell them with. And her teeth...better to save her family with.

She sprinted across the fields, Braying as she ran. The Thalmor stopped in their tracks, features only caricatures of their true images. They spotted the beast bearing down and turned on their heels, running away.

"The Chase"

Arla grew worried as she ran the Thalmor down. Where was her family, should she stop? That voice... Her worry almost stopped her when she was joined. There were others, Hounds of Hircine joined her in the chase. Her heart swelled and she felt renewed. Finding one that looked like her, she continued herding the Altmer into the clearing a few miles from her home.

Each Thalmor tripped over his robes as they fell into the clearing. It seemed each tree was covered by a howling...man beast...things...Why didn't they just finish it? Why didn't they attack?!

"The Call"

They howled as one, the Huntsman standing into the blood red clearing.

He walked past Arla, rubbing the top of her head. "Good pup..."

"The View" He strode into them, spear flashing with precision as each Mer was slaughtered. It was a mercy for them. Quick, practiced. Efficient. Arla watched with her sister and her brothers.

The lord had Bestowed his Gifts. He had saved her family. She owed him for these gifts...

Deep inside her mind, a young Imperial girl held a wooden totem of Talos. The girl watched herself, the twisted flesh, the change, the slaughter...

The young girl opened her mouth, dropping the totem and let out a scream that didn't quite seem to end...
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Let sleeping dogs lie (solo) Empty Re: Let sleeping dogs lie (solo)

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