(Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

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(Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:51 pm

Entry 1: 23rd of Rain's Hand.

Seeks and I have made camp outside of Helgan. Escaping Whiterun wasn't an easy task, and getting out of those dwemer caverns was even more of a hassle - left with a scar on my face for my troubles.

Set up camp in Helgan - town still hasn't been repaired. Rumor has it the Dovahkiin passed through here once or twice. Gonna go scout out and bring back food - Seeks would be furious if she woke up and saw our lack of food, and I do like making her pleased, infatuation aside. I rather like my body intact.

Entry 2: 23rd of Rain's Hand.

Scouted a mile northwest of Helgan ruins. Found an ice cave - dead adventurer perfectly preserved in ice.

Found an ice troll. Mean sons of bitches, so I tried to law low - hoped the stupid thing wouldn't notice me.

Didn't work out too well, unfortunately. So, rather not liking the idea of ending up some troll's snack I decided to do the best thing I could - fought.

After those Falmer fucks and those giant bugs they like to keep around got through with me, I wasn't going to take any shit from a damn troll - that'd just be insulting. I ducked and weaved it's hits for a good minute, than stuck back with all of what I had in me. I tripped up it's footing, striking at it's ankles and feet. Eventually, it caught on some ice and slipped back onto the ground. I knew if it got up, I couldn't last another round. So I rushed it.

Trolls are brutal. Unfortunately for this troll,

I happened to be moreso.

Gonna check the outside of the cave now. Maybe there'll be something interesting on the other side.

Entry 3: 23rd of Rain's Hand.


Seeks is gonna love me for this.


Entry 4: 23rd of Rain's Hand.

So I scouted out the mountain near Riverwood. Some bandits decided to make camp just below the summit - tried to rob me while I was picking snowberries.

Head versus Asshole. Head wins.

I need to sit down, that shit kinda hurt. Guess my skull ain't thick enough to not sting after headbutting an iron helmet.

Luckily the tower they were lodged in has a chair... just not a torch inside, or beds...

Shor's bones it's fucking cold.

Entry 5: 23rd of Rain's Hand.

This is a stupid fucking idea.

This is a really stupid fucking idea.

But I need shelter from the blizzard, or I ain't gonna last much longer. It's brutal even by Skyrim standards.

But this place... it should do, for now. By Oblivion, I bet it won't even have draughr in it.

Talos, forgive me for my stupidity.
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Re: (Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:09 pm

Entry 6: 23rd of Rain's Hand.

I went up the steps to the Barrow after checking to make sure I had enough supplies to last down there. Soon as I came up the top of the steps, I got greeted by a couple of degenerates.

First guy was your typical bruiser sort - went down easy enough after a few swings. He had a saber of all things - idiot.

Second was an archer lass - shame, pretty face. But self preservation overcomes the admiration of beauty I'm afraid. Sorry, toots.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, some Breton asshole decided he'd make me a pincushion. He was the leader, I think - he had leather armor instead of straight hide.

Head met asshole.

Asshole met my head.

Going to head to the main door now, take a quick survey of the area.

Kennek-Getha of Iblan
Kennek-Getha of Iblan

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Re: (Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:20 pm

Entry 7: 23rd(?) of Rain's Hand.

Where to begin with this one. Soon as I was inside the tomb, I skulked ahead of myself and noticed two more people around a campfire. From the sound of their conversation, they were looking for the remains of some old bandit clan that plunged down here around the time of the Civil War.

So let's start at the beginning.

I skulked up behind the two of them, trying my best to keep quiet. Wind from the outside kept howling inside, so the noise of my boots was a bit muffled. I crept behind some ancient altar, watching for an opening.

First guy went down fast enough to not even warrant the ink I'm using right now. Went down like a Khajiit woman in heat - the woman hid down the steps, and I heard her notching an arrow.

I heard an arrow go over my head, and I went to the side of the arch, thinking of how to kill this dumb bitch. I gotta admit.

I enjoyed the thrill of waiting a bit too much. Eventually, I just rushed down and smashed her head in with a hammer. Nothing special, really.

So, after warming myself up by the fire, I noticed that they had themselves a little trunk full of possessions. Even had a dwemer helmet, believe it or not.

It didn't take.

After getting my bearings and warming up, I decided that, hey, already here, may as well see if there's some more loot I can gather so that Seeks won't kick my ass when I return without that food. I always did get backtracked by adventure rather easily - even as a boy in Falkreath and Riften I'd just wander and pretend to be a mighty hero. Shame it appears I've turned into a wandering murder hobo on the run from the Thalmor. Guess that's part of growing up - your dreams being lost.

Then there's this bandit asshole I see a corridor or so ahead of me. I crouch down, wait to see what happens, when he decides to just pull a random lever in the middle of the room.

Let's just say it didn't end too well for him, journal. Not to mention the fact the gate was already fucking opened up, so that just made the lever pulling sheer stupidity on his part.

So I head on through the opened gate and walk into a room with a chest, desk, and a chair. Placed has already been cleared out, but I decide to take a seat and relax. Think back on some things, like why I like Seeks so much - guess it's because she's one of my race, but it's... deeper, I guess? Not just a fling like the Nords or Bretons or that Dunmer. I wanna see her happy, but it's more than that too.

Weird, unwarrior like thoughts were thankfully put aside when I hear skittering down below a stairwell. I duck into the corner, and what do I see?

Skeevers. Hate the things.

After taking care of the rodent infestation, I headed on down below, and noticed a shit ton of webbing on my way there. The thing that made 'em, biggest Frostbite spider I'd seen in my life, was thankfully already dead - had been for some time now.

Someone cut through some of the webbing. Looks like there's more of this tomb than I expected - gonna sit down now, catch my breath. Walking around in this armor for almost a full day now, and it's starting to take it's toll.

This ain't gonna be a bad idea. Nope, I totally trust this.

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Re: (Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:08 pm

entry 8: don know day


went threw hole. draugr dow ther

magic draugr too

ice cold, hurt bad. but pushed on. more appear

led back to trap

worked a bit

after clered out, went further down. ded dunmer, have to tell seeks to see her smile if live

more treasure

ran into swinging axe traps. had to be careful, didn't want to lose lims or tail.

sucks running in plate

went furter ahed. more ded stuff.

herd more starting to wake up. had to think fast. noticed embalming fluid on the floor, lanterns up bove

did obvious solution

hurt. a lot. but results worth it even if had make sure ded

furtr in, more treasure

cave system, treasure

nother ice troll. fuck trolls, bunch of pricks.

tripped up troll, smash in neck, than it went for tumble

more treasure down where troll fell. thought good luck.

wasn't good luck. nother draugr ahead, but was different. bigger. strong.

knew thu'um

fought it hard as culd.

but it was tuff. too tuff. kept taking hits. finally shouted me down

i fell hands and knees. bleeding. cut up bad. armor dented. vision fading. failed to mak seks hapy, brin back fuud


would not be remembrd failure

histskin hlp.

Kennek-Getha of Iblan
Kennek-Getha of Iblan

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Re: (Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:33 pm

Entry 9: 24th of Rain's Hand.

I made it out.

I'm still not sure how, but I guess the gods were watching over me. I woke up like... I dunno, a few hours later. Made my way deeper inside, hammer in hand - came upon some sort of doorway that was already opened a while ago.

I think I came upon some sort of ancient dragon worshiping place. Not sure
about the specifics myself, but damn if it didn't look impressive. Wish I could read dragon like those Greybeards - guess I'll have to content myself with bard song translations on the Dragonborn.

When all of a sudden, some asshole like the guy before decides to Thu'um my damn hammer to pieces. That? That was the time I got officially tired of this bullshit.

I kind of blacked out for awhile.

I came too a bit after. No worse for the wear compared to that other asshole. And I found something that made the whole trip worth it.

Seeks is gonna kick my ass when I get back. Heh.

Entry 10: 24th of Rain's Hand.

Got back to Helgan by nightfall. Seeks is probably asleep by now. Or maybe she's worried about me. I like to think my charm has gotten the old gal to loosen up a bit.

Seeks, if you read this (and you probably will, considerin' I left this next to what you see for a reason), hope you enjoy the gift.

I'm gonna hit the hay now.

Kennek-Getha of Iblan
Kennek-Getha of Iblan

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Re: (Solo) Leaving Skyrim: Entries 1-10

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