Record of Detainment: Nalcryas Tarrlen

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Record of Detainment: Nalcryas Tarrlen Empty Record of Detainment: Nalcryas Tarrlen

Post by Nalcryas Tarrlen on Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:20 pm

Record Number: 575482

Name: Nalcryas Tarrlen

Race: High Elf

Birth Sign: The Warrior (Apparently)

Gender: Female (So she says)

Age: 156ish

Description: A large woman, not just because she is a bloody High Elf but Akatosh those arms. She probably had Giant or Troll blood in her, the way she was acting. I'd say she is around 6' 8" muscular build. An eye patch over her right eye and currently wearing a sling for her right arm. Hair is a dark blonde? That's what she said, dark blonde. Longish cut usually pulled back around her ears. Eyes are greenish gold. Eye is greenish gold.

Information: Guard got called to local bar in Skingrad, went to investigate and we nearly got some Breton dropped on us from the balcony above. From what we were able to piece together, she apparently came in the day before, rented a room and spent most of the day in the bar. By the time the regular crowd came in, she was pretty inknee- drunk. Talk turned to politics and she began to voice several unpopular opinions regarding the Thalmor. Things began to unfold then, several people taking wounds from being thrown off the balcony, splinters, and she jabbed a few people in the eye.

When we went to apprehend her, she conjured several bound weapons and armor before passing out. We carried her to the cells, tossed her in to sleep it off. Have to get the mages to contain that.

Status: Well, we were gonna ship her back to the Isles when some Thalmor rep showed up, demanded us to release her, argued like normal and let her go. The Rep didn't do anything but escort her from the city. Haven't seen her since and thank Talos for that.
Nalcryas Tarrlen
Nalcryas Tarrlen

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Record of Detainment: Nalcryas Tarrlen Empty Re: Record of Detainment: Nalcryas Tarrlen

Post by Arkay on Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:53 pm

...I am out of mystical, open ended comments to say.


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