Security Notice: Important Warning for all Citizens within and around Whiterun

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Security Notice: Important Warning for all Citizens within and around Whiterun

Post by Scribbles on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:29 am

This is an important message to all inhabitants, travelers, and adventurers near the city of Whiterun: take heed when adventuring near the outskirts of the city.

The mountainous regions of house all manner of hostile creatures, from the lumbering giants to lawless bandits. However, ever since the rise of the dragons, even the cursed dead have begun stirring, moving away from their eternal resting grounds as they encroach on our fertile land. Just as Whiterun has remained a proud symbol of the Nords, so too has the land around its city. With the dragons' corrupting power, our ancient kinsmen who fell under the dragons' sway are now another threat to the people of the land.

To all citizens: Please avoid ancient ruins until you have been informed of any further developments.

To all aspiring adventurers or Companions wishing to assist: Please be ever mindful of the dangers these undead pose. Though their armaments are ancient, their bodies have not been dulled by time, and the presence of the dragon's curse strengthens them. Even if their emaciated bodies look frail or broken, they are as dangerous as before. Attached to this warning is a testimony of an adventurer who encountered such a monster, and his recollections of the event.

I was hunting near the mountains between Rorikstead and Whiterun, intent to set up camp for the night. When I was in the midst of preparing the fire, though, I had heard a low growl slowly permeate from woods at the base of the mountain. Thinking it to be a bear, I had collected myself, notching an arrow into my bow as I slowly began to tread closer to the source. With discipline steering my every action, my movements were completely silent as I finally happened upon the source of the noise.

Instead of a vicious bear, though, the sound echoed out from an empty husk of a person. I had almost thought it was an unfortunate hunter who had been left to die, but the ancient metal that adorned the figure told me all I needed to know. I stopped to examine it, as the monster hadn't noticed my yet. It looked like all draugr, covered in rusting metal and brandishing a heavy blade. The emptiness in its hollowed eyes was filled by an unholy blue glow, and its body seemed withered and weak. Most striking of the features, though, was a strange tome attached to its mouth, firmly wedged in the upper rows of its teeth, its entire lower jaw missing. At first, I had thought it to be a memento from the monster's latest victim, but the bolt of lightning that arced from the dismissed that theory.

I had let out an alarmed yelp and that drew the attention of the beast, unable to keep myself from firing my arrow as it struck my mark. However, the lumbering dead, unlike familiar colleagues, do not stop their livelihoods for such trivial wounds, and kept limping towards me. It was the second shot I released that convinced me to leave, though, as the arrow struck the book. Rather than piercing the paper and killing the undead monster, it disintegrated as it struck the tome's cover, and returned back to me as a streaking bolt of flame.

Suffice to say, I left that site, though even now my tools remain in my abandoned camp. As I fled, though, I noticed the strange blue wisps in the corpse's eyes meld with the red aura of the books. Let it be known that Draugr are empowered by the cursed magic of dragons, and that only the bravest of souls should consider combating one. And let it also be known that this Draugr in particular may be in possession of a daedric artifact, and doubly a threat.

Following this encounter, the Thane of Whiterun has declared the mountainous region between Rorikstead and Whiterun to be closed off from the public. This particular Draugr has since been observed by other travelers. While they note that the monster is not initially hostile, as it is often seen scratching away at the aforementioned book, caution is still advised. The ancient magic of dragons, and the cursed influence of the Daedra is a foreboding combination for any citizen of Whiterun.

tldr; Draugr scribbling at the communication books! Pleaseacceptme? ;-; I write goodly.


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Re: Security Notice: Important Warning for all Citizens within and around Whiterun

Post by Arkay on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:42 am

I....what? The fates are very strange, and all logic in me should say no but...

Approved. I hope I do not regret this.

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