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Free Immediately! What are you doing? Empty Free Immediately! What are you doing?

Post by Amator Bellum on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:55 pm

Dear Governor Peritos Param,

I am writing to inform you that you have imprisoned, in the Imperial City, someone you should let go immediately.

You have imprisoned Vernus Rex, the famous arena fighter? For a petty crime such as murdering a lady of the night?!

Governor Param, with all due respect, this is absurd. I understand that he has committed a crime and I comprehend that he has caused a ruckus amongst the Imperials in Cyrodiil, but hear me out!

The Thalmor having let us keep our games was a blessing. A huge blessing! They were not so considerate when dealing with others! The fact that we can still even boast of an Arena - no, boast of several arenas, including the famous one in the Capital, the double one in Kvatch, and the new one right near Redwater - is a blessing not to be looked in the eye!

But, I realize with full understanding why you would not wish to have a convicted murderer free and fighting in your city. That is why I have proposed a solution.

I have recently heard tell of a new arena circuit opening in Skyrim after our glorious victory. Reenactments are going to be big - I can tell. And what this new circuit needs is a star!

Now I know what you're thinking. I'm just writing this because Vernus Rex is my son in law, and I both want him free to clear my name and away from me because I think he's a dolt and am thus making up this arena thing to have a legitimate reason to convince you. Wrong, Governor Param, wrong. Very wrong. It would be very far below my station.

It is not, in addition, me believing that Skyrim is a lawless hellhole and would thus like to see him gutted by the same people who took our blessed Emperor from us. Not in the least.

But yes, Governor Param. Transfer Vernus Rex to Skyrim, have him in a cell for a few weeks, and let him go. This I request as not being the best for me or for you, but for the Empire. And if you do wish to fight me on this, perhaps I can arrange a trip to Solstheim for you, so that you may personally inspect how glorious the North is.

- Chancellor Victus Vantermirva
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Free Immediately! What are you doing? Empty Re: Free Immediately! What are you doing?

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:58 pm

Go free Mortal, your prey awaits you. Let loose your hounds and begin your Hunt


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