Record of Detainment: Ma'Vassa

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Record of Detainment: Ma'Vassa  Empty Record of Detainment: Ma'Vassa

Post by Ma'Vassa on Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:17 pm

Record number: 15832

Name: Ma'Vassa
Race: Khajiit
Age: Unknown. Assumed to be in teens...whatever it is for a cat.
Birthsign: Lover
Gender: Female

Description: Somewhat short; around 5'1, but the cat just says that she's still growing. Greyish fur with black accents, blue eyes, no 'mane' and a pierced left ear with a gold ring in it. (Probably stolen; have to look into it.) Keep your damn bias out of your reports. -Captain LeBlanc

Information: Witness to a barfight. Since someone died during it, we had to bring the cat in to tell what happened. But she was pretty much useless since she just jabbered on and on about how exciting it was to see, and I quote, 'two handsome Nords wrestling with sweat on their brow.' She wouldn't stop squealing until we threatened to charge her with obstruction of justice. Once that happened, though, she was surprisingly forthcoming about what happened, recalling everything to the littlest detail. The other witness' stories backed hers up, so we let her go free.

Status: Only stayed in town long enough to pick up some writing materials. I imagine she went off with one of those caravans. Not our problem anymore.


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Record of Detainment: Ma'Vassa  Empty Re: Record of Detainment: Ma'Vassa

Post by Sheogorath on Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:24 pm

I like a lass who can have themselves a laugh at merry violence. It's a sign of someone under me blessing.

Or is it curse. I can never quite remember.


May you pen the story of your life PROPERLY.

DOHOHOHOHO I'm so clever.

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