[Cheydinhal, Cyrodil] YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW!

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[Cheydinhal, Cyrodil] YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW! Empty [Cheydinhal, Cyrodil] YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW!

Post by Kennek-Getha of Iblan on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:24 am


Kennek socked a guard across the jaw with a steel plated fist, the man's eyes going crosseyed as he spun about before falling over in a heap.

The argonian was putting his plan into motion. Namely, distract the local guards from the upcoming Vigilant assault by causing as many problems as possible. Right now, it was two charges of assault, fleeing pursuit, and disturbing the peace.

He planned on adding more.

More shouts echoed throughout the streets of Cheydinhal as chainmail rattled and swords were drawn. "STOP RIGHT THERE-" The sheer amount of fucks Kennek could not give were made evident when he started to smash up the windows of houses he ran past with his mace, most of the time only leaving large cracks.


He hopped into some bushes, crouching down and slinking off towards the Thalmor headquarters in the city.


Justicar Henando Arenta stood in front of a squad of novices, his arms crossed behind his back. and his back to the hedges near the Thalmor base. The torchlight his guards held up next to him only added to the intimidation factor of the sharp lines of his face, the blackness of his cloak and longcoat. "Thalmor," he started, his voice arrogant and sure in it's authority. "We are the last hope that Nirn has for stability. We uphold the laws of the peace between the Empire and the Dominion, and our most important duty is this; the stamping out of Talos worship."

The guards next to him, an Imperial and a Breton, looked less than enthused with this speech.

"Talos is not a god, as these simpletons once posited, but a man. A man worthy of some amount of respect, but simply that; a man. Gods, after all, cannot be killed. It's what makes them gods. There is a rumor of Talos worshipers in this backwater; thus, it is our duty to-"

He was silenced as a clawed finger made it's way into his mouth, another finger near his right eyeball. His head was clasped by strong, metal bound hands, and he made a confused grunt, eyes widening as the grip tightened.


Kennek grinned as he looked at the bewildered young Altmer recruits. His grin was wild, and his grip was firmer than it had been in weeks. "HEY KIDS, WANNA SEE A DEAD BODY?!"


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