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Post by Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:52 am

Current Date is Rains Hand, 3, 204

Here is a quick breakdown of The Elder Scroll calendar

Morndas (MON)
Tirdas (TUE)
Middas (WED)
Turdas (THU)
Fridas (FRI)
Loredas (SAT)
Sundas (SUN)

Tamriel Holidays
Morning Star (JAN)
1st - New Life Festival [1]
2nd - Scour Day
12th - Ovank'a
15th - South Winds Prayer [1]
16th - The Day of Lights
18th - Waking Day

Sun's Dawn (FEB)
2nd - Mad Pelagius
5th - Othroktide
8th - Day of Release
16th - Heart's Day [1]
27th - Perseverance Day
28th - Aduros Nau

First Seed (MAR)
7th - First Planting [1]
9th - The Day of Waiting
21st - Hogithum
25th - Flower Day
26th - Festival of Blades

Rain's Hand (APR)
1st - Gardtide
13th - The Day of the Dead
20th - The Day of Shame
28th - Jester's Day [1]

Second Seed (MAY)
7th - Second Planting [1]
9th - Marukh's Day
20th - The Fire Festival
30th - Fishing Day

Mid Year (JUN)
1st - Drigh R'Zimb
16th - Mid Year Celebration [1]
23rd - Dancing Day
24th - Tibedetha

Sun's Height (JUL)
10th - Merchants Festival
12th - Divad Etep't
20th - Sun's Rest [1]
29th - Fiery Night

Last Seed (AUG)
2nd - The Day of Maiden Katrica
11th - Koomu Alezer'i
14th - The Feast of the Tiger
21st - Appreciation Day
27th - Harvest's End [1]

Heart Fire (SEP)
3rd - Tales and Tallows [1]
6th - Khurat
12th - Riglametha
19th - Children's Day

Frost Fall (OCT)
5th - Dirij Tereur
13th - Witches Festival [1]
23rd - Broken Diamonds [2]
30th - Emperor's Day [1]

Sun's Dusk (NOV)
3rd - The Serpents Dance
8th - Moon Festival
18th - Hel Anseilak
20th - Warriors Festival [1]

Evening Star (DEC)
15th - North Winds Prayer [1]
18th - Baranth Do
21th - Chil'a
25th - New Life Festival
30th - Old Life Festival

The days noted are Holidays. Enjoy them Mortals.


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Dates Reference  Empty Re: Dates Reference

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:05 am

Good idea. That'll help us all stay on the same page.


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