Prisoner: Asren Free-Spirit of Falkreath.

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Prisoner: Asren Free-Spirit of Falkreath.

Post by Asren Free-Spirit on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:13 am

Report courtesy of Guardsman Fiora Grim-Haven of Markarth

Name: Asren Free-Spirit

Home village: Falkreath, or so she claims.

Birthsign: The Lady.

Occupation: Adventurer and sellsword. Appears to have been an ex-Legionnaire in nature.

Height: Six-foot, three inches tall.

Weight: Prisoner refuses to elaborate, threatened acts of violence against Guardsman Jor's groin when asked a third time.

Age: Again, refused to elaborate. Estimated to be in her mid-twenties, however.

Hair: Shoulder length, tied in the back into a bun with a blonde sheen to it.

Eyes: Icy blue, Jor seems almost intimidated with how piercing they seem to be.

Distinguishing marks: Bears scars all over her body, two on her back that appear to be from sword wounds, one on her right cheek, three lining down her thigh, and a jagged one across her hip. She also seems to have suffered a broken nose sometime before in her life, which hadn't healed as well as the scars did. The implications are...not pleasant. Prisoner also bears a red tattoo over her left eye, indicating a warrior's heritage of the...'less civilized type.'

Usual effects: Steel armor, with locally made gauntlets along with an amulet of the Eight Divines around her neck. Again, the prisoner seemed to take offense when this was confiscated but remained compliant for the most part. The prisoner also carried a Steel sword, iron shield, a hunting bow with iron, steel, and orcish made arrows. Also, Asren carried about three knives, one a hunting blade and two daggers and a short-sword on her person.

Reasons for incarceration: The Nord was found drunkenly picking fights with a local clan in the Silver-Blood Inn over, and I quote: "Stiffing her on the payment for her hard work doing what they should be doing themselves if they hadn't been so busy caring for their coinage." Needless to say, the owners of the establishment threatened to call the guards on her and the situation escalated to the point where several patrons were either injured or concussed in the fighting after one of them attacked Asren with a knife, wounding her slightly. The courts decided to simply keep her incarcerated for a few days until she sobers up, recovers from her own injury, and pays part of a fine for damaged caused in the altercation.

Addendum: Keep Guardsmen Karack away from her, for the sake of keeping them both in one piece, when she is released.

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Re: Prisoner: Asren Free-Spirit of Falkreath.

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:22 am

I see potential in this one. But for greatness or entertainment, I can't decide...

She has my approval none-the-less


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