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Post by Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:20 pm

Alright, for those that don't already know, or have just found us, we do have an IRC channel set up, and there is usually someone on it. Here's the information.

Server: MagicStar

Channel: #TESRP

If you don't have a client software, or don't want to download one, Mibbit is a decent browser based client. (I'll post an actual link to it when this account as been a member for seven days and I'm allowed to)

The admin or a member of the mod team is usually in the channel. I'll list the mod names and what they usually go by in IRC for the sake of convenience.

Nocturnal: WildFlower or Gaia

Hircine: Tanx, Arla or Phrix

Sheogorath: Kenec

And the mighty Hermaeus Mora: Captain_Dharma, the all powerful, and all mighty.

If the mod team expands, I will expand this list.


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