Record of Detainment: Agrippina

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Record of Detainment: Agrippina

Post by Agrippina on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:04 pm

Record Number: 55201.

Name: Agrippina, daughter of Sisygambis.

Race: The High Elves, who call themselves Altmeri.

Birth Sign: The Mage.

Gender: Female.

Age: Unknown (could not be estimated, accused would not divulge).

Description: Not particularly tall for their species, but taller than the average Nord nonetheless. Pale, grey features and lunar appearance. Rather dull, silver-black hair pulled back into a tail. Amber eyes, although so perpetually narrowed it required more than a moment's study to discern them. The vestments and garments which she wore suggested a magical affiliation, consistent with the testimony of the appellants who claimed the accused used magic against them.

Charges: Accused of murder and assault.

Known History: We know Agrippina to be a Justiciar of the Thalmor Dominion, an agent of enforcing their religious edict over the province of Skyrim. The accused confirmed as such. We suspect, however, the accused to be further involved in our affairs than mere law enforcement. We believe the accused to be some manner of spy or rogue, no doubt working in tandem with a spy-master based in the Embassy. Her role as Justiciar gives her free reign over Skyrim; it allows her to move between towns, cities and settlements without drawing suspicion. Naturally, we could not verify this - and due to diplomatic sensitivity, we cannot simply demand her expulsion from the realm.

Report of the Affair: The accused became embroiled in an altercation with a band of Nords, in the general vicinity of Windhelm. When the watchmen intervened, one Nord had been slain at the hands of the accused. They claimed innocence by defence of self; the other Nords, who displayed various wounds, claimed to have been set upon by the accused. The accused was remanded to gaol and held there pending sentence. Before this could occur, a representative of the Embassy appeared in Windhelm and demanded that the accused be released immediately. We were forced to comply, and she was transferred from gaol to their custody.

Verdict: Pardoned, but innocence unproven.

Ballan Wind-Runner, Clerk of the Court

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Re: Record of Detainment: Agrippina

Post by Akatosh on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:23 pm

Approved. Welcome aboard.

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