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Post by Akatosh on Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:52 pm


"Yes, Rurn?"

Brennus Cannae turned to face his companion, the Healer of Bruma.

"Shall we place the visitors in the Hall, in the Undercroft, or out here in the-"

"We will not have them sleep in pews, and I would rather join the dead than send my guests to sleep with them. Set out rolls for them in the hall. Let the poorest and sickest of them in my bed. I will not volunteer you to do the same, however. That is entirely your choice."

"Why are they coming, Primate?"

"Well, Rurn, I'd assume that they are looking for gain after the war. Or perhaps they are our own, returning from the front. Whoever they are, the sentries have mentioned them, and that they are plentiful. They are sure to enter town - and while I do not doubt the hospitality of the local inns, they may not be able to afford it."

"One last question, Primate."

"Yes, my young friend?"

"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

The Primate couldn't help but chuckle slightly, the age old philosophical demand being echoed in jest by his young colleague.

"Because the Ni- Because the Eight decided it should be that way. And not even they can completely control the... Well, you know."


"Yes. Now come, help me prepare food for whoever it is that may come through our gates. Anyone moving from Skyrim to Cyrodiil would be wise to cut through Bruma, and welcome here, no?"

"Why do you say that like you want to convince me to c-"

"Where is the Priestess, by the way? She's older - and crazier - than even I. Heh. I remember back when we could worship Ta- Back before the Thal- I remember a while ago, when she was so happy. Now it seems she has little to live for beyond her garden. Something tells me she keeps the faith, however. Not that you should tell anyone I said that, Rurn."

"Of course not, Primate."


The elderly primate smiled, turning over in his hands a small icon of Akatosh, with his name, BRENNVS CANNAE, carved into the back. He loved visitors.

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