Record of Detainment: Calith

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Record of Detainment: Calith Empty Record of Detainment: Calith

Post by Calith on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:54 pm

NAME: Calith
RACE: Bosmer
BIRTHPLACE: Cyrodiil Skyrim or so he claims.
AGE: Unknown The prisoner claims not to know his own exact age. Unhelpful bastard. He’s old as best we can tell.

OCCUPATION: Former scout in the Imperial Legion, Looter treasure hunter

SUBJECT DESCRIPTION: The prisoner stands at an average height for a wood elf. Various minor scars across body, notable diagonal scar crossing centre of face, traces of warpaint can be found on left side of face – running from forehead to neck. Eye colour is amber, dark grey shoulder length hair and beard. Smallest finger on left hand his missing, signs of being physically removed.

EFFECTS: One hunting bow with arrows of iron and imperial make. One steel sword, one steel dagger with whetstone and oil. One iron cuirass and one dark green hooded cloak. Fur armour greaves and boots. Two rings, both steel.
Various meats and animal skins found on his person, fresh kills along with other items.

CHARGES: Suspected murder, looting, poaching.

REPORT: Was also held on accusations of having been responsible for the disappearances for several Thalmor patrols in the Rift - having been operating in the area they went missing and having been seen selling various weapons and armour, including an aldmeri helmet. Suspected to have been taken from the dead.
Was also seen hunting animals close to Riften without the Jarl’s consent.

VERDICT: The prisoner has pledged guilty to poaching and has been fined accordingly.
He claims to have taken the weapons from bandits rather than the bodies of any Thalmor guardian, due to their poor condition and the lack of any elven made equipment aside from one helmet this appears to be true. The blacksmith these were sold to backs this claim, stating she has not bought any elven weapons or armour in any previous exchanges.
The bodies of the last patrol to have disappeared were found having been torn limb from limb and partially devoured – they had clearly been killed by some animal and not any blade.
Due to this both previous charges have been dropped but Thalmor soldiers have taken him for questioning to see if he has any information relating to their other missing patrols. They are transporting him tonight.

(Below this is more information, clearly added by a different hand at a later date.)

Both the prisoner and his guard have disappeared. They did not arrive at their intended destination and evidence has been found that they were attacked by something. The road upon which they were travelling was found coated with spilt blood with a trail leading into the nearby woods.

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Record of Detainment: Calith Empty Re: Record of Detainment: Calith

Post by Arkay on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:59 pm

Fortune may find this one before his time comes.


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