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Notes on the Roleplay Empty Notes on the Roleplay

Post by Arkay on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:49 pm

Here we'll discuss finer details of the roleplay, such as how we handle money, armour, magical skill, etc. As points are discussed, they will appear here.

Your character is not a millionaire. Period. Unless you have mod approval to make a very rich character (and approval will not come so easily) your character can have a max of 300 gold starting off. Naturally, if you earn more money through roleplaying (ie: jobs, bounties, or just stealing it) you can go over that cap, but your character cannot carry more than 1000 gold. Because really, who wants to carry around 10000 gold coins?

Now, who starts off a game with the most powerful weapons and armor? Where would the fun be if you could easily dispatch everything you run across because you have overpowered items? And in the current time, with the Empire just ending a war with the Stormcloaks after fighting the Great War 30~ years ago, with another possible war with the Dominion, you can guess just how bad the economy would be. Our characters should not have much access to the high quality weapons and armour, and that is how we will play it. The max quality of items that you can start off with are as follows:
Light Armor: Scaled
Heavy Armor: Steel Plate
Weapons:Silver or Elven

However, you are allowed to make a character with ONE and only one 'special' item. A higher tiered weapon, armor, or jewelry item. This includes enchanted items, however. If your character has an iron dagger that is enchanted with health drain, then that counts, and it can only be special in one way, so you cannot have your character wield a daedric longsword with soul trap. If this is abused, then the Admins reserve the right to take away the item not only from the abuser, but the community if too many people do such a thing.

The Mages Guild was disbanded years ago, and the College of Winterhold is one of the only places in Skyrim that teaches magic and magic alone. There are not many places around Tamriel now where mages can freely learn the magical arts without any sort of animosity from the public. As such, it really does not make sense for a thirty year old character to be able to cast Enemies Explode on everyone who looks at them funny. Magic is a dying art, unfortunately, and there are very few true and powerful mages. As such, the cap for a character's skill in a magical branch is 50, 65+ with mod approval. That does not mean that you can make a jack of all trades with 50 in every single magical field. Think honestly about how your character would get aptitude in magic, which of the schools would they actually be using and developing. Don't just pick ones because you like them or you want your character to have them.

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