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Post by Samylin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:03 am

Prisoner Samylin of Camlorn

A Breton.

Hoo, boy. Is he ever.

Arrested for attempting to sell fake jewelry at a roadside stop near Leyawiin. Been rotting in the local lockup since.

Found to have many stolen goods, many fake items, and moreover a lot of livestock hidden away near Cheydinhal. He seems to be a con-artist, who only walked because he had enough money to rebuild Leyawiin's Coast Guard Station.

I'd keep an eye on this one. He's going to be moving, and he's going to be making a quick buck no matter where he goes. He's probably selling Skooma, too, and not that cheap Skyrim stuff - the real deal.

Last I heard, he was telling the other prisoners about his next big break. Get this - I know you won't - a giant farm east of Kvatch where he raises mudcrabs. Says he flooded the land, got a few of the creatures, set them to breed, and is selling their meat for a pretty penny in town. Hard to come by mudcrab meat in the Weald, of course, but that is still... Well, they're disgusting creatures, and I try to avoid them where I go.

I recommend keeping a close, very close eye. Maybe he will retire to his mudcrab farm and live in relative peace. One can only hope.

Or maybe he'll leave. That'd be nice, too. Can't do nothing to him now. Not even what we did with the last trouble maker - the planting Talos worship stuff? Yeah, I think they're catching onto that, so we better knock it off. It's amoral anyway.

Look, just, just make sure we avoid any specific troubles. By the Eight, we don't need them from him.

- Memorandum via Captain Saracus

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Release On Parole Empty Re: Release On Parole

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:45 am

A mortal who dwells in dirt. How apropos.

Whatever, approved


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