By Order of the Aldmeri Dominion: Record of Detainment for Thorvald Helmcleaver

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By Order of the Aldmeri Dominion: Record of Detainment for Thorvald Helmcleaver

Post by Thorvald Helmcleaver on Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:14 pm

To Justiciar Varmal

From the hand of Edrus Scipiat, Legate of the Seventh Company, Skyrim Legion

Pursuant to you most recent order to our company, I am pleased to report the successful capture of the insurgent Thorvald Helmcleaver. And, as requested here are full details of what personal information we have been able to glean from our interrogations, official records and hearsay. For the sake of completeness, full details of the charges your office posted against this reprobate are also included.

Name: Thorvald Helmcleaver

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Age: 30+

Birth sign: The Lady

Birthplace: Falkreath, Skyrim

Known Residence: Ivarstead, The Rift

Description: A robust looking individual. Clearly fit, a well muscled torso and arms that show all the signs he swings the greatsword he carries with some regularity. Dark for a nord, his unkempt hair and beard are brown rather than the common blond. In all other respects he is largely unremarkable, save for a distinguishing facial scar. Was captured wearing steel armour of a Nordic design.

Charges: Espionage, burglary and assault.

Report: Prisoner tracked a group of Thalmor agents to an outpost. It is believed he spent the better part of three days spying on operations there before breaking in, stealing a number of artefacts and assisting in the escape of a prisoner (likewise recaptured). Was discovered during escape and engaged by Thalmor soldiers. Would that we could also charge this malcontent with murder, but his martial skill proved lacking when confronted with the magical prowess of an Altmer.

Addendum: Was subsequently captured by Seventh Company soldiers in the Rift, on patrol and hunting for the accused after receiving orders from the Thalmor embassy. The accused was surrounded, and surrendered quickly when threatened. Helmcleaver - a presumptuous name if ever I heard one - was taken, stripped of armaments and is currently held in the camp stockade along with four other prisoners held by order of the Aldmeri Dominion. Of note is the nature of the greatsword confiscated from the accused; it appears to possess magical enchantment. Its blade is cold to the touch, and draws any heat out of the air as it swings. This would seem to be consistent with Appendix III of the arrest warrant, detailing frostbitten wounds to Thalmor soldiers during Helmcleaver's assault.

I shall await confirmation before executing him. I imagine few will argue with a decree of treason against the Concordat should the appropriate signatures be appended; these frostbitten Nords are all Talos worshippers anyway. Rest assured he is quite secure under the watchful eye of my guard detail; as requested none of my Nord soldiers have been assigned the duty. No fine payment will keep this one from his sentence.

With Faith in the Concordat, and For the Prosperity of the Empire.

[The Signature of Legate Scipiat]

Thorvald Helmcleaver

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Re: By Order of the Aldmeri Dominion: Record of Detainment for Thorvald Helmcleaver

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:40 pm

Hmmm....I can see something in this mortal, something I like.



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