Record of Detainment: Prisoner Arla Neerus

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Record of Detainment: Prisoner Arla Neerus Empty Record of Detainment: Prisoner Arla Neerus

Post by Arla Neerus on Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:55 pm

To be reviewed by Peers and judged accordingly.

Record Number: 44829

Prisoner Name: Arla Neerus

Prisoner Race: Imperial

Birth Sign: The Atronach

Prisoner Gender: Female

Prisoner Age: 19

Prisoner Description: Prisoner Arla is a young female. Imperial. Blue eyes and Blonde hair, she was taken into custody during an attempt to steal a potion of healing. Upon searching her person, Guards discovered reported stolen items in her possession. Arla was taken into the nearest Cathedral of the Nine and handed over to the Priests for healing. She is of shorter stature, approximately 5 feet 2 inches. Her weight is hitherto unknown, but she appears to be underfed and could do to put on some weight. At the time of her capture and transfer, Arla was injured in the right shoulder and chest by an animal attack. Nails on her hands are worn down, possibly from labor or the habit of biting them.

Prisoner Information: From what the Priests and Guards got from her, we can tell that she recently left home. Perhaps to seek fortune and glory or perhaps to escape a life on the farm. Arla followed the roads and from communication with the nearby village, committed theft to make ends meet. Currently she is under watch as she recovers in the priests care. She is expected to make a full recovery. In her possession were a pair of shoes, a dress, a cowl, one silver ring, a chunk of amber, a pipe, a satchel with gold coins and feminine products, and an iron dagger. These will be returned. The stolen items are detailed in case file 5012.

Current Status: She will remain under watch but upon hearing of her condition, the victims felt no need to charge her with a crime. She will be sent at her choice back home or to a school in the city to learn how to survive and thrive in civilized culture.

Septus Petrolos, Guard Captain
Arla Neerus
Arla Neerus

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Record of Detainment: Prisoner Arla Neerus Empty Re: Record of Detainment: Prisoner Arla Neerus

Post by Akatosh on Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:21 am

Hermaeus Mora grants this mortal the will to forge her own destiny - at least, for a while.


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