Transcription of Jalum-Ek's most recent prsion record

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Transcription of Jalum-Ek's most recent prsion record

Post by Jalum-Ek on Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:53 pm

Just outside Solitude's prison...

… bloody thieving Imperial roundeyes, just take half of the things I had that weren’t even stolen why don’t you? Sure, you can live in your comfortable warm houses with my personal goods while I freeze out on the streets in this godsforsaken fetid marsh muck of a country, you arrogant Hist-damned scaleless—

Why is my bag heavier?

… … … …

What the hell is this book doing in here? Wait a sec—


Transcription: Jalum-Ek, most recent prison record

Name: Jalum-Ek
Race: Argonian
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthplace: Black Marsh damned straight, Imperial pigs
Birthsign: The Serpent

Physical description: 5ft 6, black-grey scales, green eyes, has horns on the back of his head because no other argonian has horns on their head, somewhat scrawny scrawny! Scrawny! I’m lean you fat, over-fed corpulent maggot!, scar running horizontally through his left eye socket.

Charges: Twenty three counts of theft, nine counts of pickpocketing, six counts of trespassing, four counts of avoiding arrest, seven counts of illegal use of magic infinite counts of being a mouthy bastard (that is not a crime guardsman). can’t take the truth, you foppish pathetic mammal?

Sentence: Three months jail and hard labour.

Additional information: Jalum-Ek has been an active thief within Solitude for some time, having served three previous shorter sentences for similar, albeit less prolific crime sprees. Outside of Black Marsh and these prison records, there seems to be no other record of his existence. He is known to utilise illusion magic to aid his crimes and has also been seen using destruction magic, though it has been noted that he has not yet used destruction magic on any guardsman, so he may only employ it as an intimidation tool. Still, caution is advised should when (that bloody lizard isn’t going to quit) we need to arrest him again.

Stupid book. What the hell is it even in here for. Bet that whore of a jailer put it in here, after taking everything else I own, figured he’d leave me with some stupid empty book, the good for nothing waste of space…


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Re: Transcription of Jalum-Ek's most recent prsion record

Post by Akatosh on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:10 pm


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